Cosmetic Coloured Lenses // Care Guide

Q: Can i soak the lens in saline?
No. Saline is not meant to disinfect circle lens. Saline is just for rinsing. You should soak your circle lens in multi-purpose disinfect solutions designed for contact lenses.

Q: Why my visions become blur when i wear circle lens?
First time wearer might experience blur in vision due to reduced amount of light that enter your eyes. However, you will slowly adapt to the changes after several times of wearing. Reaction of first time circle lens use include; tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses, these symptons will gradually diminish.

Q: How often should i change the lens case?
It is recommened to change your lens case every 3 months to minize the bacteria infection in the case. Q: How to get rid of the protein? First of all, always use multiple purpose solutions to clean and remove protein. Besides, use protein remover tablets to remove proteins weekly.

Wearing Cosmetic Lenses

Note: Remember to soak the lens in solutions for at least 8 hours before wearing!

Wash your hand thoroughly before wearing circle lens
Rinse and dry your hand using a lint - free towel
Put the circle lens on your palm
You have to make sure that the lens is not flipped inside out - The lens is inside out if the edges flare up slightly
Next, place it on your forefinger
By using another hand, pull the edge of your upper and lower eyelid (to reduce blinking)
Look up and place the circle lens on your sclera (white of the eye)
Look downward to reposition the lens
Remove your hand from pulling the edge of your upper and lower eyelid
Close your eyes for a moment
After inserting the lens back in your eyes, you have to rinse the case
If your eyes get itchy, blur or become red, quickly see your optometrist
If circle lens slides under your eyelid or displaced, look in the opposite direction and nudge it with your finger on your lid towards the pupil of your eye