WhiteNGo Teeth Whitening Pen

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Peroxide Free Teeth whitening pens

Teeth whitening pens are suitable for whitening teeth on the go or for touch up's following either a chairside whitening or home whitening.

Whitening pen's remove stains caused by coloured foods, drink and smoking.

Ideal to keep handy and use following consumption of "staining" foods & drinks 

The gels used in the pens comply with the new EU Directive and UK Regulation and contain no peroxide. This is ideal for all sensitivity types and safe on the enamel and will not burn on soft tissues within you mouth. 

WhiteNGo Teeth Whitening Pen


The Whitening pen has a brush as a tip and simply needs twisting to raise the gel to the brush so making it the perfect whitening applicator on the go to remove stains from developing at it most time

  • Whiter and fresher in only 30 minutes
  • Apply any time, anywhere
  • Easy to use pen, offers a qucik and effective applicaton
  • Use daily to maintain your white teeth
  • Whitens without tooth sensitivity

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