WhiteNGo Pro+

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The WhiteNGo Pro+ Kit conatins everything you need to give you that Hollywood smile and maintain it for those deaded selfie photos!

1 x Starter Kit with enough Gel for 20 Individual Treatments, 14 Strips (ideal for maintainace), 3 Sets of FreshNGo Oral Brush Ups and a Teeth Whitening Pen for those hard to reach spaces.

WhiteNGo Pro+


WhiteNGo Starter Kit
The kit has been formulated to achieve maximum whitening results, providing a home whitening solution which is safe and convenient to use at home

This two part EU Compliant Whitening System provides true stain removal and whitening action in one convenient kit, which will attain long lasting results without any tooth sensitivity issues associated with other peroxide based bleaching kits.

The WHITENGO home Whitening Kit comes with a Photactivator LED 5+ technology which will reduce the teeth whitening process to 30 minutes and an additional Gel Syringe to allow for top up treatments in the future.


2 x 10ml Whitening Gel Syringes
1 x 15ml Pre Stain Accelerate Solution
1 x Photactivator LED 5* technology light & Silicon Mouth Trays
1 x Blue Oral Swab
1 x Instructions
1 x Shade Guide

WhiteNEasy Whitening Strips

Peroxide Free teeth whitening strips are the latest and most innovative way to safely and conveniently whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. These new whitening strips have been developed with a unique elastic gel formulation, which greatly improves resistance to saliva which ordinarily diminishes the whitening capability of the gels, and enables the strips to deliver sufficient whitening time for improved results.

Our peroxide free formula, eradicates known side effects of traditional peroxide based whitening strips, thus there is no sensitivity, irritation or side effects during and after usage.

These new generation whitening strips are designed to be softer and comfortable to wear, the improved cohesion to the teeth provides better whitening results and continued use as instructed will effectively produce whiter brighter looking teeth.

Step 1
Remove whitening strip from pouch. Pull away the soft strip from the plastic film.

Step 2
Looking in the mirror, align the straight edge of the strip to the gum line. Gently exert some pressure and adjust the strip with the finger so that it adheres to the tooth surface completely. Repeat using the second strip.

Step 3
After 30 minutes of application, remove the strips and dispense. Remove any residue of the gel using a toothbrush and water only. Using our special formulated blue whitening rinse will helps the whitening process and protects against staining during the day.

  • Avoid application of strips after brushing your teeth
  • Use before going to bed and refrain from eating
  • Use both strips provided in the pouch, one for the upper arch and one for the lower arch of the teeth.
WhiteNGo Teeth Whitening Pen
The Whitening pen has a brush as a tip and simply needs twisting to raise the gel to the brush so making it the perfect whitening applicator on the go to remove stains from developing at it most time
  • Whiter and fresher in only 30 minutes
  • Apply any time, anywhere
  • Easy to use pen, offers a qucik and effective applicaton
  • Use daily to maintain your white teeth
  • Whitens without tooth sensitivity
FreshNGo Oral Brush Ups
No water required. Designed with today's hectic lifestyle in mind these fit perfectly in your bag or wallet.
Use the Fresh'N'Go Oral Brush Up Wipes to clean your teeth and freshen your breath.
  • Slip-on design fits most finger sizes
  • Textured cleaning surface to clean teeth 
  • Material acts as moisture barrier between finger and mouth 
  • Mint flavor to freshen mouth and breath
  • Compact size makes it easy to store on the go
  • Individually wrapped and packaged

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