Teeth Whitening

All DVA Beautique Teeth Whitening treatment session are carried out by General Dental Council (GDC) Registered Dentists, this complies with all aspects of UK and EU Law. 

Our 60 minute Teeth Whitening Session costs just £199

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is teeth whitening?
It is a process using whitening agents which on their own or with a combination of light will effectively remove stains that have over time built up within tiny microscopic pores in your tooth, the whitening results using these processes can make a huge impact on your confidence and will noticeably improve and brighten your smile.

Q: How white will my teeth become?
This will depend on the nature of the staining, length of your treatment and natural colour of your teeth. Most people will notice significant whitening, some almost dramatic. However, every individual is different and whitening results differ, but generally anything between 2 to 8 shades lighter than your original tooth shade can be achieved after the DVA Beautique Teeth Whitening sessions.

Q: How long does it take?
DVA Beautique full whitening session takes up to an hour, and consists of up to 3 to 4 individual fifteen minute sessions. At the beginning of each fifteen minute session a fresh application of the whitening gel is thinly applied to the surface of the tooth. These individual sessions boost the overall results by repeatedly exposing the microscopic pores within your teeth to the oxidisation process which removes the organic stains.

Q: Can teeth whitening hurt my teeth?
All individuals suitable for the whitening treatment will experience little if any sensitivity. DVA Beautique has developed a unique system using Cold Blue LED light technology which eradicates heat from the session, thereby significantly reducing any nerve irritation within your teeth that causes sensitivity. This system uses a gum dam applied and cured by light whilst the use of Vitamin E moisturise your lips and other soft tissue, application of  desensitising and re-mineralising gels revitalise and brighten your teeth during and after the whitening process.

Q: Are there any side effects?
Apart from some sensitivity which is temporary, there is no long term damage to the teeth or its enamel.  This has been proved by numerous scientific studies, as such there is no significant long term side effects through the whitening process.

Q: Will teeth whitening effect my crowns of fillings?
Teeth Whitening will only work on your natural teeth, any other artificial dental work cannot be whitened during the process however, surface stains can be removed during these sessions.

Q: Why are my teeth whitening unevenly?
Your teeth may become whiter along the edges where the enamel is thinner. Where you may have round white spots already present on your teeth (calcium deposits), these may appear more prominent following teeth whitening. The teeth will even out so there is no long term or significant problem associated with these conditions.

Q: How long does teeth whitening last?
Although the process removes stains permanently, everyday foods, drinks and tobacco use will eventually stain and discolour teeth that have been whitened. However, whitening results can last up to 18 months depending on your oral habits and top up sessions are recommended not only to enhance results but to maintain the whiteness achieved from the initial whitening session.