the Basics by WhiteNGo

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A unique clinically tested and EU compliant Teeth Whitening System that combines a liquid dual action stain remover/accelerate, and a specially formulated whitening gel. These agents work in tandem, effectively penetrating tiny pores in the tooth to remove dark stains and brightening the tooth surface safely, and without any sensitivity issues usually associated with concentrated peroxide based whitening treatments.

the Basics by WhiteNGo


Our WhiteNgo Basics kit is an affordable and effective home tooth whitening solution, which removes the build up of  internal tooth stains caused by consuming everyday foods and beverages.

Internal tooth stains darken your natural tooth shade and tooth whitening using our safe home whitening solutions will remove stains through our two part whitening regime of a powerful pre stain whitening accelerator and peroxide free whitening agent which combine to give you a whiter brighter smile.

As a added bonus the WhiteNgo Basics kit includes our FreshNgo Oral Brush Up Wipes, use these on the go to remove stains after consuming meals, beverages or after tobacco use, your mouth will be refreshed and any external tooth stains instantly removed.


1 x 10ml Syringe - Non Peroxide Whitening Gel

15ml Pre Stain Accelerate Solution with Foam Swab


Shade Guide

Thermoforming Mouth Trays

10 x FreshNGo Oral Brush Up Wipes 

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